Five Best Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

The day of the marriage is the most expected and desired days for every woman. No wonder, so much time is devoted to creating the look of a bride-to-be. A hairstyle is like a cherry on top. A properly chosen one will harmonize a complete look and style.

Before thinking of a hairdo, there are decisions to be made:

  • What will be the tone of a wedding ceremony?
  • Which dress and shoes will be on a future bride?
  • Will she wear a veil?
  • Which accessories will complement the look?

When these questions are answered, a choice of hairstyle can be made. The owners of medium-length hair till the mid of the back have a wide choice among the modern and classy ways to arrange hair for this memorable day.

Top Five Wedding Hairstyles

  1. Natural hairdo which foresees tender and a bit nonchalant way of arranging hair. Curves are light and simple. As for accessories, a flower or manually crafted ornament can be used. The most essential is not to use too bright and hefty jewels or gems. Besides, a bride-to-be should not spray too much lacquer or apply excess gel so that hair does not look fat or heavy. The more natural hair looks, the better it is.
  2. Braids and hair plaiting are the most beloved among future brides, chiefly among those who have thick and long hair. There are diverse types and ways of braiding: fishtail, braids on loose locks or French braid which is the most popular one. Frequently, braiding is made at the side. As an accessory, it is feasible to finish a look with a flower or long brooch, especially a hand-made one.
  3. Hairstyles of the 1940s are back. The Chicago musical hairdo is widely beloved nowadays. However, they have to be thoroughly done. Big curls and locks shall be carefully formed of long or short hair. A hat, band or feather can complement a look. Just make sure that a dress, makeup, and a groom’s suit match this hairdo. Then, an unforgettable image and wedding style are ensured.
  4. Flowers and circlet have always been trendy. Natural flowers in combination with ones made of fabric are broadly used. Flowers can complement a hairstyle of any difficulty and length of hair. Besides, the matching color of lipstick will make a perfect couple to such accessories.
  5. Buns and knots are mostly chosen by brides who have got dresses with open shoulders. Besides, with such a hairdo, she may show the elegance of the neck. In general, hair is arranged with volume, while some locks are left loose. Buns in Greek style are extremely beloved these days among the brides. Flowers, handmade brooches, tiaras or any other adornments may complement a look.

For a future bride, it is better to choose two or three hairstyles and discuss them with a hairdresser. To avoid possible disappointment on the most significant day, it is also feasible to make a trial of a chosen hairdo to verify that it is convenient enough and liked by a bride-to-be.