Greek Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Thinking of hair done in a Greek style, the first what appears in imagination is a Greek goddess. Her hair is elegant and feminine. Besides, with such a hairdo, each woman will feel confident and classy. More info on Greek hairstyles is here.

One peculiarity of various hairdo in this style is their appropriateness for casual looks, as well as for official or festive events. Besides, they can be complemented with diverse accessories. Medium and long hair is suitable for Greek hairstyles. Unfortunately, those who have got a short haircut cannot choose this hairdo for themselves. To make one, they will have to wait for their hair to grow longer.

Curly locks are also needed to make a gorgeous Greek hairstyle which can be checked on the site. The owners of hair curly by nature are lucky. In the meanwhile, the other ones shall have their hair waved. Depending on a type of a chosen hairdo, all hair length or only tips shall be curved.

Common Features to Identify a Greek Hairdo

  • There are no bangs, however, there are exceptions;
  • Hair parting is straight;
  • Curly hair;
  • Hair length is even or graduated a bit.

Various Versions of Greek Hairstyles

  1. Simple hairdo with a band. First of all, the hair shall be backcombed. Then, put a band on and fix it with pins near ears. In such a way, this hairdo will not distort throughout the day. After, lock by lock, hair shall be curved around the band and fixed there. Finally, spay some lacquer so that to keep till the evening.
  2. A French braid is the next version of a Greek hairstyle. If the hair is thin, it shall be backcombed to ensure volume. Then, a French braid shall be started from the zone of the temple at the left side. It shall be braided around the head, loosening some of the lower locks in the process. When a braid is over, its tip can be fixed with a pin or silicone tie.
  3. Greek hairstyle with bangs is a modern version of this hairdo. Hair shall be collected in a ponytail except for the side locks which remain loose. A ponytail is arranged in a floppy ban fixed with hairpins. After, one shall make two braids on the sides. They shall be nicely fixed near ears so that they are curved in a classy manner. Tails are fixed under the bun.
  4. Greek tail is one of the simplest ones in this style. Preliminary curved hair is collected together on the top of the head and fixed with a strong tie or band. One lock is left. It is braided. After, this braid is twisted around a tail set and fixed with a hairpin. Strand of pearls or band can be used to turn hair in a ponytail. Checking the link, one may see a gorgeous result.

Greek hairstyles are elegant and appropriate for all the occasions: from everyday office style to the wedding look. Besides, some of them are quite quick to do. Thus, an exquisite and classy look does not mean hours of preparation. Of course, there are quite complicated ones which have to be done in a saloon. However, with such a hairstyle, you will be definitely noticed.