Beloved Styles for Hair till Shoulder Blades and Round-formed Face

For stylists and hairdressers, oval face is treated as a model one and suitable for most looks. However, in reality, lots of people are not as perfect as models in glossy magazines. Those who have got found face shall learn several tricks to make it resemble an oval-formed one.

Tips for the Owners of Round-formed Faces

  • Hair volume shall be backcombed at the back of the head or on the top. However, while back brushing hair, one shall mind that excess volume is not the best friend.
  • Side and asymmetric bangs, as well as diagonal hair parting, assist to optically elongate the face.
  • Hair shall not be curled from roots. Waves shall start at the level of the chin. In such a way, the excess volume will not be added to the area of the cheeks and the temples.

Thus, a hairdo for the face of such shape shall optically lengthen it and avoid adding volume to cheeks or temples. With blades-long hair, a woman may select a hairdo which will make an accent on advantages.

Medium Hair and Rounded Face: Right Hairstyles

  1. Bangs have recently become extremely popular. It is a good solution except for even bangs which cut the forehead, thus, the face will resemble a square. Unsymmetrically cut and side-swept bangs or scruffy fringe will look gorgeous with the round-shaped face. One shall not ignore that the forehead shall be seen, thus, the face will seem like oval-formed.
  2. Big and light curls are matching the round-shape faces. A girl shall just remember that volume near roots shall be avoided. If she has got natural curls, they can be straightened a bit. Such a messy hairdo will look stylish and impeccably suit to the peculiarities of the facial form.
  3. Blunt bob, principally with unsymmetric locks is a fitting choice. With even hair, these haircuts look stylish and chic. Besides, the face will visually seem oval-shaped if front locks are longer.
  4. Cascade hairdressing will softly highlight the facial traits. In the meanwhile, it looks elegant and feminine, as well as helps to visually decrease the age of a woman. Besides, distinctive layers of hair will provide volume which will not make a highlight on the form. Apart from the cascade, a girl may also complement it with side bangs.
  5. Unsymmetric parting of hair is to be selected by the owners of the round-formed face. It will be suitable for even, as well as curly hair. This hairdo is fitting for an official suit along with an evening gown for a memorable event.

These days, fashion is diverse. Everyone is free to pick the style pursuant to personal wishes and specific features of the face and body. Thus, it is essential to select an appearance which will assist a woman to feel confident and in harmony with herself.