Hairdo for Medium Length which Men Like Most of All

When it comes to the secrets of attracting men, women are ready to put maximum efforts to create a perfect look. Nowadays, it is commonplace for men to be quite good at fashion. However, fashionable is not always equal to alluring.

Mostly, men give preference to those hairdos which look natural. They dislike complex constructions with tonnes of gel and lacquer, as well as too excessive ornaments and accessories.

Top Hairstyles Most Beloved by Men

  1. Natural and neglectful volume is well-liked by men. Some of them may say that a girl with such hair is the queen of every party and event. Luckily, such hairdressing does not require too many efforts. Locks shall be lightly curved and sprayed a bit with lacquer to fix them.
  2. Bun on the top of the head which can be made in two ways: with volume and curly hair or straight hair arranged in a tight bun. To make a choice between them, a woman shall pay attention to the facial features. In any case, when hair is arranged on the top of the head, the neck and shoulders are open. These are the parts of the body which are alluring for most men.
  3. Wild and messy braid at the side is considered sexy. Such hairdo resembles a style of fit girls one may meet at resorts. For such a braid, hair shall be curved. After, any type of braiding can be made. As hair is wavy, the volume will be ensured. Some of the locks can be left loose.
  4. Straight and smooth hair seems too elementary for women. However, this hairstyle is associated with an official suit, as well as with an evening gown. Besides, straight hair visually slims the figure and facial features.
  5. Smooth ponytail arranged on the top of the head. First of all, it is a hairstyle which emphasizes the beauty of the face and neck. It is necessary to make hair obedient, as it shall be arranged perfectly. This hairdo is associated with an excellent girl who is unattainable.
  6. A messy ponytail which creates an impression that its owner is not spending many hours to make it. She is always ready for adventures. To complement a look, bright makeup and clothes shall be selected.
  7. Two braids are associated with a well-known Lolita by Nabokov. Undoubtedly, this is a hairstyle to be chosen for a proper event. Some accessories can be chosen to complement them.

Undoubtedly, men love with their eyes. Despite a hairdo a woman chooses, it is essential to verify that it matches clothes and a complete look. Be confident and feel inner harmony, and a man will feel this.